Our mission at TheHill_5:14 is to teach students to love deeply, give sacrificially, and choose to enter into other's lives, and all because Christ loved us first. We know that our world is constantly changing and these changes can be difficult for our students to navigate through. So we walk alongside our students and encourage them to stay rooted in God’s word and equip them to live authentic lives. At TheHill_5:14 there is space for every teenager from every walk of life to come be welcomed in. So come as you are! Allow us to help you put Christ at the center of your life. Let’s know God and make him known!


At Next Level we have the best curriculum known to man for discipleship. It's the Bible, period! We use the Word of God paired with great leadership that facilitates discussion over the scriptures and builds relationships. At TheHill_514 we believe our small groups will leave a lasting impression on your student that will get them ready for life outside your home.


Does your student sometimes feel nervous about inviting a lost friend to church? Fear they will be weirded out by "churchy lingo/traditions" ? The Hill Live is relevant to the lost, and brings honor to God in a way that engages all students! Whether your student knows Jesus as Lord or doesn't we will intentionally invest in them. Come join us for high energy games, great live worship, and a dynamic message because The Hill is Live Wednesday nights at 6:00 p.m.