Family Ministry is not about a particular program or curriculum. It is about a process of equipping parents to engage actively in the discipleship of their children.


At Churchill Baptist Church we believe, “The church is called to partner with parents to reach and equip the next generation. Parents mentor their children while partnering with the church, and the legacy of faith continues from generation to generation and when you reach the family, you reach the world. Churches can effectively reach the whole family by employing a family-friendly partnership that empowers and equips parents to be the primary influencers in their child’s faith journey.”


The goal of Family Ministry is to inspire and equip parents, never to push parents over the edge with a new burdensome list of obligations, but rather develop a strategy that helps weave in everyday ways for families to worship God, talk about the Gospel, equip their family for the work of ministry, and to help them grow up in every way in Christ, following a plan that is well thought-out and sustainable.


We strongly believe healthy families make a healthy church. At Churchill Baptist Church we would love to partner with your family helping to equip you to build God’s Kingdom and advance the Gospel for generations to come.